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Hi! Sue G here. I am an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. I  currently am offering small group or individual training in a local gym. I often have “Open Gym” times for drop in fitness, so keep watching for those opportunities. I have taught Core Strength, Strength and fitness, and bootcamp for the Madison Public School Rec Department, and Core Strength at a local gym, and have led many small groups, and given talks.

I am very interested in sharing what I have learned to help primarily women, men and couples in the busy times of their lives – working, perhaps raising children  – or –  finding themselves a bit past this and now having the time –  to re-invest in their health. I think that by offering supplemental weekly or as needed fitness sessions, each person can find added value in each session.

I am currently offering study group sessions with core, balance and strength segments to help you achieve your own wellness balance.

I also coach on-line to help anyone achieve the goals they desire. Together we can work to help make them a reality.  I will email with you and hold you accountable for the success you want to achieve.

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